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Your partner in comprehensive disability management

Are you feeling overwhelmed by the multi-faceted process and cost of disability related absences? Let Disability Management Institute (DMI) help you manage these situations and reduce your internal costs.

At DMI, we don’t just take on your problem claims; we will manage all of your disability absences. Our comprehensive services allow you to save money through:

  • Proactive early involvement day 1 of work related injury or Day 5 of absence regardless of whether or not a claim is filed
  • Reduced duration of absence, minimizing the impact on annual premiums and the employers loss of productivity
  • Managed return-to-work process, focusing on returning employees to work as soon as medically viable
  • Enhanced administrative support allowing you to shift internal resources from claims management to revenue-producing activities

We know you’re busy and you don’t have money to waste. So we’ll determine quickly if our services are the right solution for your company. Just a quick, 10-minute talk is all we need.

Proactive claims management has saved our clients $4.9 million in claim costs in the last year alone

Since 2002, the Disability Management Institute has been providing comprehensive claims management and claims review services to clients throughout Canada. By handling disability claims from start to finish, 91% of our direct clients have received savings that exceeded the cost of our services. Call 866-963-9995 to discover how you can save on our services too.

Our diverse staff provide a multi-faceted approach to disability absences

Led by an experienced management team, our 140+ staff members have experience in various related fields, including: Psychology, Return to work planning, STD and LTD Claims Adjudication, Kinesiology, Ergonomics, Occupational Health Nursing, Human Resources and Private investigation.

Our extended Canadian client base generates innovative solutions

Experience increases knowledge and improves efficiency. With more than 3,500 clients throughout Canada, we have streamlined our processes and created effective claims management and review solutions. Whatever your business, we have the knowledge to help. Our current clients include both public and private sector employers and national insurance companies.

Give us 10 minutes to tell you how we can save you time and money

No matter your location, industry or needs, DMI has the experience and dedication you need. We can help circumvent the disability mindset in your workplace and reduce the costs associated with injury and illness claims. By providing immediate, professional service, we’ll help you manage claims and get back to a healthy, productive workplace as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Take the first step to saving your company time and money. Schedule a quick, no-obligation call today.

10 minutes is all it takes

10 minutes. That's all it will take to determine if we can remove the headache of claim management for you. Don't delay the cost savings.

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About Us

Since 2002, the Disability Management Institute (DMI) has been providing comprehensive claim management and review services to over 3,500 clients nationwide. Request a Consultation

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