If you spend 5 hours or more per month managing claims, absences or return to work plans, we can help you save time, pro-actively manage employee claims and reduce your costs.

We would love to talk through how we can help your business. Our team has over 30 staff members from a diverse background, including psychology, sociology, kinesiology, occupational health nursing, health and safety, human resources and compensation claims management.

“DMI’s Services and their in-house expertise have saved us considerable management time and cost in handling disability claims.”
Club Auto Roadside Services Limited

1,682 Businesses Trust Us

We help over 1,682 businesses just like yours. They are all across Canada and we work to reduce their costs and group insurance premiums.

To get started we have a 10 minute call to learn about your business. Let us know your details & we will call you to set up a time.

About Us

Since 2002, the Disability Management Institute (DMI) has been providing comprehensive claim management and review services to over 3,500 clients nationwide. Request a Consultation

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