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When one of your employees is absent due to illness or injury, there may be more than one barrier to a successful return to work. But with the help of our dedicated network of specialty clinics and professional consultants, KinActivation programs can dismantle those barriers to open up the critical pathways to a meaningful recovery. And that’s better for everyone!

Our Services

We know that the complexities of an employee’s health issues and a successful return to work following an absence require a comprehensive and sensitive approach, with careful attention to an individual’s unique circumstances. The following KinActivation programs address every aspect of human wellness when the spectre of chronic disability puts the employee, and your organization, at risk. Our services are available across Canada, as outlined below:

Independent Medical Evaluation (IME)

IMEs are used to determine the cause, extent and treatment of a person’s injury or illness. These examinations are performed by an independent physician who can help to determine whether an individual has gained the maximum benefit from treatment, or whether permanent impairment remains after treatment is complete.

Expedited Testing and Specialist Referral

  • MRI
  • CT Scan
  • Scopes (Colonoscopy, Endoscopy etc.)
  • Ultrasound
  • Cardiac Testing
    – ECG
    – Exercise Stress Test
    – Angiogram
    – Expedited surgeries
Pulmonologist (Respiratory)

More on Request

Independent Psychiatric Evaluation (IPE)

A thorough evaluation is conducted by a psychiatric professional resulting in a comprehensive overview of the employee’s occupational history, and a summary of available medical, psychological and rehabilitation records. This is followed by an informed discussion of the employee’s current cognitive abilities and/or their limitations to function adequately, both on and off the job.

Functional Capacity Evaluations (FCE)

Using established protocols, functional capacity evaluations require one to two-day intensive sessions to measure an employee’s physical and cognitive abilities to perform work-related tasks, and to determine if there are impairments that limit their capacity to return to work.

Ergonomic Assessment

A thorough assessment of an employee’s workstation and job functions provides an accurate picture of the ergonomic factors at play when that person performs the essential tasks of their job. In addition to finding any potential risk factors, the assessment provides recommendations on how the workstation and tool design can be improved to minimize safety risks, including ones specific to that employee.

Physical/Job Demands Analysis (PDA/JDA)

The Physical/Job Demands Analysis is a tool that uses objective, measurable data to summarize both the physical and functional demands of a particular job. The analysis takes into account the cognitive, psychosocial, and psychological requirements needed to be effective.

Transferable Skills Analysis

Employees who may have lost some capacity to return to their former role, can benefit from an analysis of their skills and individual traits that could be successfully applied in another position. The Transferable Skills Analysis offers a detailed report of their vocational history, education, hobbies, and medical file, to explore suitable and specific career alternatives.

Vocational Assessment

The Vocational Assessment compares the abilities of an employee before and after an injury or illness resulted in a disability. Vocational alternatives are identified as well as related wages, labour market trends and the potential of direct entry employment, following training.

Job Search Skills and Strategies Training

For those who don’t have a job to return to but are able to work, this complete vocational service gives individuals with the essential skills and strategies needed to plan, prepare for, and conduct a successful job search. The program is tailored to each individual’s current skills and vocational needs with the goal of gainful employment.

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