3 Tips for Improving How you Report Injuries

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3 Tips for Improving How you Report Injuries or Incidents to WCB

Many employers do not have a significant volume of claims each year, so it can be challenging to complete the employer’s report of injury (form 7) and submit to WCB within 72 hours. With few injuries, you likely don’t have a dedicated HR manager who handles claims, or someone on staff who is always up-to-date on the ins and outs of reporting incidents. While much of what is required is a summary of the incident, there are few company specific identification numbers that must be included.

It can be very time consuming to locate this information when you need it so here are three tips for easier reporting that will ensure you avoid any unnecessary delays.

  1. Print off and keep current report of injury forms or save the web link for web submission (depending on province), including the employee forms.
  2. Maintain a file with the appropriate information such as firm number (account number), rate group, classification code etc. Keep a recent quarterly assessment on file – these assessments contain all of the required information you will need to report an injury in one convenient spot.
  3. When it comes time to submit your report of injury form we encourage you to utilize web submission through the WCB webpage (where available). This method allows for direct submission onto the WCB system and avoids the delays associated with paper filing.

These three tips will help you ensure you are ready to report when required and do not face delays or penalties.

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