Get Canada-wide WCB/WSIB claims management support that pays for itself

Rising premium costs and lost time due to injury affect your bottom line. DMI's streamlined procedures can help reduce your premiums and help get your employees back to work sooner.

  • p We have saved our clients more than $2.3 million in claim costs.
  • w Our service saves you time in managing your own claims & lowers premiums
  • u 91% of our direct clients have saved more than the cost of our service.

With more than 1,650 clients located throughout Canada, we have a proven track record of reducing claim costs for our clients

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We support your Business & HR team in the following ways

Claims Management

Are workers’ compensation disability claims affecting your bottom line? Get money-saving, comprehensive WCB/WSIB claims management from experts with a service that pays for itself.

Claims Management Services

Advice on When to Pay Insurance Claims

If high premiums for your extended benefits insurance have caused you to self insure, self-fund or provide short-term disability (STD) salary continuance plans, you may feel overwhelmed by procedures and whether to settle claims.

Claims Review Services

Early Intervention Programs

You need to concentrate on running your business, but the complexity of short term disability (STD) and long term disability (LTD) claims can steal your focus. Find out how to reduce your costs and get employees back to work faster.

Return to Work & Early Intervention

Cut costs of workers' compensation claims with one point of contact

In a perfect world, your workplace would be injury free and workers' compensation claims would not exist. Unfortunately, this is not the case, and even seemingly routine injury claims can become a problem.

A Single point of contact for all your claims

As the single point of contact Disability Management Institute (DMI) manages all your WCB/WSIB disability claims. DMI handles the process from preparation and Form 7 submission to return to work planning, ensuring your claims are managed efficiently from the start. The process helps reduce premiums and minimize the time and money lost from complex claims.

Get your employees back to work faster

Prolonged absences are the number one cost driver of rising premiums. It only takes one bad claim to raise your annual premiums.

When workers miss work due to work-related illness or injury, productivity suffers. From an injured employee's missed shifts to a reduction in workplace morale, the impact can be felt. Our back-to-work processes help your employee return back to work faster, minimizing the negative effects of the disability leave.

Constant contact with you & your employees

Through our comprehensive claims management, we will remain in constant contact with your employee, the employee's primary care physician and the insurance board. This allows us to initiate the employee's return to work as soon as medically viable, improving the company's overall productivity and saving you money your premiums.

10 minutes is all it takes

10 minutes. That's all it will take to determine if we can remove the headache of claim management for you. Don't delay the cost savings.

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Benefit from DMI's service with just a few claims

If you spend five hours or more per month managing workers' compensation claims, DMI can create a customized solution to help you proactively manage employee claims and reduce your WSIB/WCB costs.

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Since 2002, the Disability Management Institute (DMI) has been providing comprehensive claim management and review services to over 3,500 clients nationwide. Request a Consultation

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