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Proactive Support for Employer Short Term Disability and Long Term Disability Benefit Plans

Consider the following impact of illness or injury related absences from work. 50% of employees who are absent for 6 months never return to gainful employment and 90% of employees who are absent for a year never return to gainful employment.

DMI’s early intervention services provide support to you and your employees on day 5 of all non-work related absence. With support and communication throughout the absence, we assist both the employer and the employee every step of the way from collection and submission of claim forms to the on-going maintenance of communication between the employer, employee and insurance carrier.

With our customized return to work initiatives, we can expedite your employees’ return to work, in the safest way possible. Ensuring they can get back to work in a timely manner reduces the impact of the absence on their life and the organization’s productivity.

The benefits of this service include:

  • Early Involvement at Day 5: Early Involvement in all absences, up to 3-6 months before insurance carriers are aware a claim even exists
  • Single Point of Contact: DMI will manage all of the communication between employers, employees, their physician and the insurance carrier
  • Clear communication: Employer receives communication updates throughout the absence that focus on prognosis, duration of absence and return to work options
  • Return to work planning: DMI will craft customized return-to-work plans that shorten claim duration and focus on an early, safe return to work
  • Maintenance of employee confidentiality: We insulate employers from having to request medical information directly from their employees, ensuring their employees privacy remains intact
  • Support from STD to LTD: Support that extends beyond STD and continues into LTD through to the change of definition date

Early intervention services are a cost effective valuable supplement for short and long term disability plans ensuring employers are able to maximize the effectiveness of disability benefits without compromising coverage levels or increasing costs.

For a better understanding of our program, find out how we helped this client below:

A client without an insured STD plan notified DMI of an employee’s leave of absence on February 10, 2012. The same day we received a Service Canada medical certificate from our client’s doctor with a return-to-work date of August 1, 2012 (173 days later). The DMI team:

  • Stayed in regular contact with the employee
  • Consistently followed up with client, employee, and physician
  • Set up an effective return to work plan

The employee was able to return to regular work duties and a full-time status on April 30, 2012 (less than 90 days from original absence). Our early intervention plan was able to shorten the projected absence by 50%.

Don’t let extended employee absences affect your business. Call 866-963-9995 to learn more about our early intervention program.

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Early intervention results from a reputable third-party

Don’t just take our word for it. According to a study conducted by Sun Life Financial, an international wealth management and insurance company, early intervention programs have measurable results, including:

  • 20–30% reduction in work days lost per claim
  • 25-30% reduction in repeat short term absence
  • 40-60% reduction in long term disability conversion

Being proactive doesn’t get much easier. Give DMI a quick call to discover how easily your company can obtain our early intervention service.

Utilize early intervention with GroupHEALTH Benefit Solutions benefit plans or as standalone service

If you are already a GroupHEALTH customer, you may already have access to early intervention services. Our service is a part of the long term disability benefits.

However, early intervention is not exclusive to companies that use GroupHEALTH. No matter your insurer, you can acquire our early intervention program as a standalone service.

Have a quick discussion with a DMI team member to start reducing the financial and human costs associated with non-work related injuries and illness. Call 866-963-9995 today!

Allow us 10 minutes to find out how we can help you

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