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Eliminate sick leave program complications

If rising Short Term Disability premiums have caused you to self insure, self-fund or provide your own internal sick leave salary continuance plans, you may feel overwhelmed with objectively reviewing claims or verifying absences in order to provide payment.

Internal sick leave plans are difficult to manage and can set you up for legal liability – especially if you don’t have a proper policy in place. By focusing on providing employers more then simply a claims decision on each file, DMI’s advice to pay service streamlines administration and claims review ensuring a positive outcome on all files reviewed.

Our services include:

  • Creation of a custom policy statement and claim forms: This will establish objective review criteria and streamline the collection of absence information.
  • Medical validation of absences: Independent review of each claim focusing on validating medical information and determining an anticipated duration of absence for each file
  • Final approval on all claims: You remain in control of the final decision; we simply provide our recommendation
  • Effective cost containment strategies: Our policy design and process have on average led to a 25% reduction in the duration of absence across our client base
  • Reduced legal conflicts Policy design, informed recommendations and established claim appeal processes reduce the risk of legal conflicts
  • Fixed costs per file We don’t charge for supplemental medical reviews or appeals, making our pricing model more cost effective than traditional 3rd party review services

Save time and remove frustrating challenges with your self-funded sick leave program with the user friendly service offered by DMI. Call 1-866-963-9995 to learn more about this innovative service.

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Not sure if DMI’s Services will benefit your organization? Read the Case Studies below to learn more:

A trucking sector client with 1,000 employees implemented our services to assist them with their medical absence leaves and salary continuance plan.

The Results were comprised of:

  • A systematic process and benefit policy guideline
  • An objective standard to validate medical absences and determine benefit eligibility
  • A 25% decrease in the average duration of sick-days taken per employee per year
  • An improved culture of disability entitlement

Our services are not just beneficial to large employers. An automotive sector client with 41 employees implemented DMI’s Advice to Pay services to assist them with their medical leave absenteeism and self funded disability benefits. The collaboration between the Employer resulted in the following:

  • A detailed file review process and standardized claim forms
  • A decrease in the average days taken for a disability claim from 41 to 21 days which is a reduction of over 50% compared to the previous year
  • A facilitated and managed return to work process

Experience counts

With clients throughout Canada in both the public and private sector, DMI has the needed experience to tailor a solution to your specific needs. Call 1-866-963-9995 today for a quick phone call to determine how we can improve your sick leave program.

Allow us 10 minutes to find out how we can help you

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