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Manage WCB claims without the headaches

When one of your employees injures themselves on the job, it can be challenging to stop everything, submit the report of injury and manage the claim.

To help support you and your employees in these situations, DMI has created Claims Management Systems to help you work through the hassles and cut through red tape.

Watch this video to learn how it works as well as how you can get issues solved faster and more cost effectively.


Active Claims Management Webinar Series: Episode 1


Active Claims Management Webinar Series: Episode 2

Check out these short webinars that provide tips on how to deal with claims management.

Are workers’ compensation disability claims affecting your bottom line?

At Disability Management Institute (DMI), our comprehensive claims management services can potentially lower your annual premiums and save you in claims-related administration costs. The benefits of this service include:

  • Reduced administrative needs: DMI will prepare and submit employer report of injury claims on your behalf, freeing your staff to focus on your organization’s strategic initiatives.
  • Single Point of Contact: DMI will handle all communication between you, your employee, the Workers’ Compensation Board and your employee’s physician.
  • Returning your employees to work faster: DMI will craft customized return-to-work plans that shorten claim duration and reduce the impact on your experience rating.
  • Cost saving reviews: Our team will monitor and scrutinize claim costs for accuracy and savings.
  • Understanding trends: We provide you with monthly and annual data monitoring on claims and emerging injury trends.

Call 866-963-9995 to discover how DMI can handle your claims management and save you from rising premiums and administrative headaches.

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Flexible Cost Effective Solutions

  • We are budget friendly: our fixed monthly retainer model allows you to incorporate our services into your existing budget with minimal impact.
  • Our service agreement is RISK FREE: you can terminate our services at any time for no additional cost or penalties. We simply ask for notice up to 60-days to transition active claims files.

Proof in our Results

The below case studies demonstrate the importance of proactive claim management:

  • “DMI analyzed an employer’s data and found company assigned an incorrect classification. DMI applied to the Compensation Board to revise the classification based on business activities. The audit division agreed with DMI which caused a premium rate change for the company and the employer was granted a refund of $120,000.”
  • “An employer in the construction industry was denied relief of costs on a worker’s pension award of $296,500.00. DMI initiated an appeal to the Review Division; the Review officer ruled that the matter should be returned to the WSBC Board officer to make a new decision on relief of costs. The Board officer reviewed the file and granted 75% relief of costs to the employer resulting in savings of $223,000.00.”.

With our tailored claims management program, you can benefit even if you only have a few claims.

One quick call can determine if DMI can benefit you.

Claims management that benefits your bottom line

You can’t determine which disability claims have the potential to become complex. Disability Management Institute handles all of your claims – so you don’t have to worry about unexpected complications.

More than 90% of DMI’s customers saved more in claims cost savings than the annual cost of our service. Find out if your company has the same potential. Take 10 minutes to chat with a team member about your business and together, we can determine if you will benefit from DMI’s claims management services. Call 866-963-9995 today!

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